Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with tax

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with tax

Trump threatens Harley-Davidson with tax

Either way, moving some production overseas looks like it may be in Harley-Davidson's best interest.

US President Donald Trump has asked Harley Davidson motorcycle company to stay "100 per cent" in America, warning that "we won't forget" if it went ahead with its plan to shift some of its manufacturing base offshore in response to European Union's retaliatory tariffs for US duties.

European Union officials, meanwhile, suggested Trump had only himself to blame for the falling-out with a company he had previously hailed as "a true American icon".

"In this administration, our allegiance will be to the American workers and to American businesses, like Harley-Davidson, that were very strong in the 1980s and I remember this - you were victims of trading abuse - big trading abuse, where they were dumping all sorts of competitors all over the place", Trump said. He added: "I've done so much for you, and then this".

Renacci is a former owner of Harley-Davidson dealerships, but he didn't hold back when calling out the company for using the "excuse" of tariffs to start making some motorcycles overseas. "We won't forget, and neither will your customers or your now very HAPPY competitors!"

Trump warned the iconic American brand that any shift in production "will be the beginning of the end".

"Early this year Harley-Davidson said they would move much of their plant operations in Kansas City to Thailand".

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"A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never!" he said on Twitter.

"Harley-Davidson maintains a strong commitment to USA -based manufacturing which is valued by riders globally", the company said Monday.

Harley-Davidson announced the closing of a factory in Missouri in January, but the reason for that was slumping domestic sales numbers.

Mr Trump had earlier threatened to tax the Wisconsin-based manufacturer which said on Monday it planned to move some manufacturing overseas in response to European Union tariffs retaliating for USA duties. That was an empty threat - all motorcycles Harley sells in the United States come from American factories, and the company won't import into the market. Hence, they were just using Tariffs/Trade War as an excuse. Outside the US, Harley-Davidson has manufacturing facilities in India, Brazil and Australia.

S&P says it will resolve the credit watch after Harley's second-quarter earnings.

Harley-Davidson executives met with President Trump at the White House past year after President Trump canceled a visit to the company's headquarters in Milwaukee because protests had been planned.

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