First public beta of iOS 12 released

First public beta of iOS 12 released

First public beta of iOS 12 released

As always, Apple's public betas closely follow the release cycle of developer betas. Developers have had access since early June and with the public beta you can also get onboard. Of note, Siri Shortcuts, arguably one of the most useful features of iOS 12, is absent.

But because we're looking at unfinished software, you can expect specific bugs and stability issues to affect your overall experience. But Apple is going to release betas every few weeks over the summer.

To do so, just sign in with your Apple ID, download the profile using Safari on your iPhone or iPad and proceed to install. Downtime, another setting, allows you to set blocks of time where you can only use authorized apps, to keep your distractions down.

Apple has released the first public beta of iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads. The public beta will be supported on all iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch models that can now run iOS 11.

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If you ever wish to roll back iOS 12 beta you can do so by unenrolling it through this link.

But if you have an iPad or iPhone you don't need, here's how to download it. The public beta is available for all iOS 11-running iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

This suggests Apple's new 6.1-inch iPhone, which is expected to arrive alongside the refreshed iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus this fall, could help boost the rate of Android switchers once again. Apple's also revamped the social side of photos, and will make suggestions about people you may want to send your snapshots to, based on who's in the pictures. You also can turn on Do Not Disturb when you're in a meeting, for a few hours or for longer. This is however available only for the iPhone X. More features available include Apple's screen time, and new notifications. That means that it's likely there will be problems, not only with Apple's own apps and operating system but also with apps made by other companies.

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