President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen willing to cooperate with prosecutors

President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen willing to cooperate with prosecutors

President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen willing to cooperate with prosecutors

The deadline extension comes as Cohen, under severe financial pressure, has made a decision to split with his current team and hire new lawyers, according to a person familiar with the case.

According to CNN, Cohen would do so both to relieve pressure on himself and because he's wounded that President Trump and his allies have minimized Cohen's relationship with Trump in dismissive public comments.

The request comes as Cohen's legal troubles are mounting in Manhattan, where he's the subject of a wide-ranging criminal investigation triggered in part by revelations in the California case, including the $130,000 payment to Clifford. Cohen at first denied the payment but later he and the POTUS acknowledged that Trump eventually paid back Cohen for personally taking care of the issue.

"I haven't spoken to Michael in a long time". He gave Avenatti until June 25 to formally respond to Cohen, who can reply by July 2.

Earlier Friday, Trump was asked whether he was concerned that Cohen would "flip" on him, or provide damaging information on the president to prosecutors in exchange for a favorable deal.

Wood has ordered the feds to turn over all the seized material to Cohen and Trump so that they can flag documents they think are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Prosecutors from the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of NY said in the filing that they conferred with Cohen's lawyers and that the parties jointly proposed a June 25 deadline for Cohen's team to review the newly produced documents for privilege designations.

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The attorney claims Avenatti's behavior and statements about Cohen are unethical and threatens Cohen's ability to have a fair trial as it's turning the case into a "media circus".

'Mr. Avenatti's actions are mainly driven by his seemingly unquenchable thirst for publicity, ' it added.

Blakely urges the judge to sign a restraining order that would bar Avenatti from speaking with reporters or publicly releasing details about the case concerning Cohen.

"For over 12 yrs, Mr. Cohen and his boss Mr. Trump have routinely tried to "shut people up" and hide the truth through intimidation & threats".

"The motion for a gag order is a complete joke and baseless", he tweeted.

The case is Clifford v Trump et al, U.S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 18-02217.

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