Telegram CEO: Apple has "prevented" app updates globally since April

Telegram CEO: Apple has

Telegram CEO: Apple has "prevented" app updates globally since April

In April, Telegram was banned in Russia after the company refused to hand over encryption keys to the Russian government.

Russian authorities have ordered domestic internet service providers to block the app, causing disruption of other services but failing to shut down Telegram in the country.

Apple is looking to expand its digital advertising business by showing ads for the App Store within third-party apps, according to reports.

Durov's complete statement:Unfortunately, some Telegram features, such as stickers, don't work correctly under iOS 11.4 that was just released - even though we fixed this issue weeks ago.

The crackdown on Telegram resulted in the blocking of IP addresses from cloud services providers, including Google and Amazon, in Russian Federation.

He says that it coincides with Russian Federation implementing a block on Telegram, and it means there have been no updates rolling out to users anywhere in the world for a month and a half.

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Professionals from Morgan Stanley Research released a report on income the "Apple" of the company from the official store and Google with Google Play. As shown in the screenshot here, results for App Store searches remain somewhat scattershot; they can now turn up completely unrelated apps badged with "Ad", unusually surfaced apps that aren't ads, or advertised apps that may well be exactly what a user is looking for.

"We believe we did the only possible thing, preserving the right of our users to privacy in a troubled country", Durov said earlier today. We are continuing our efforts to resolve the situation and will keep you updated.

The CEO of messaging app Telegram says the company has been unable to update its app since April - and he's blaming Apple for the holdup.

"Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience".

The Register has contacted Apple for comment and asked Telegram when the last attempt was made to update the app and why it has taken until now to announce the problem.

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