Trudeau declines to meet Trump after Pence sets precondition

Trudeau declines to meet Trump after Pence sets precondition

Trudeau declines to meet Trump after Pence sets precondition

Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron made their cases separately Wednesday to dissuade Trump, who is using a national-security clause in USA trade law to justify the move.

As with those moves, the White House decision to apply the duties of 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminum against the European Union left the bloc wondering about the value of trans-Atlantic relations and vowing steps to counter the impact.

The EU said it would take immediate steps to retaliate, while Mexico vowed to impose duties on everything from US flat steel to cheese.

The administration first announced the tariffs back in early March, portraying them as an aggressive effort to fight the perfidious behavior of China and other countries to subsidize their domestic metals industries, undermining American national security. "But we see no sign of that in this action today by the USA administration".

"This is a bad day for world trade", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in Brussels after the announcement.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: "These tariffs are totally unacceptable".

Canada is countering the United States' decision to slap punishing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports by imposing tariffs of its own. "The status to which they got did not justify continuing exemption from the tariffs based on the national security considerations of the overall situation", he said.

Ross played down the potential negative impact on the US economy from the duties.

Financial markets sank on concerns about the disputes among trading partners, with the Dow Jones industrial average falling more than 200 points.

"Realistically, I do not think we can hope" to avoid either USA tariffs or quotas on steel and aluminum, said Cecilia Malmstrom, the European Union's trade commissioner.

The CBI hope that "the U.S. will swiftly reconsider its decision" and the business body which represents over 190 000 United Kingdom businesses will be pressing home the importance of our transatlantic relationship with counterparts and government figures in Washington, London and Brussels "in order to protect the free and fair trade that is the key to our economic future".

"That is not the basis on which mature adults negotiate", Beatty said.

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"We continue to be quite willing and indeed eager to have discussions with all those parties", Mr Ross said. He said he would travel to China on Friday for trade talks this weekend.

Mexico will target the USA agricultural sector for tariffs. The EU will decide exact countermeasures in coming weeks, according to the French officials.

"This is the strongest trade action Canada has taken in the post-war era", Freeland said. The EU move could heighten pressure on Washington. Our friends and enemies have taken advantage of the United States for many years.

The tariffs could hinder the negotiations among the North American neighbors. "There is no longer a very precise date when they will be concluded", Ross said on Thursday. USA trading partners had demanded that the exemptions be extended or made permanent. Tariffs will remain on imports from Japan.

The White House action comes as the Trump administration begins a similar national security investigation into auto imports, which could lead to tariffs.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross made the announcement during a call with reporters Thursday morning. "We believe these tariffs aren't compatible with WTO rules", she said in Lisbon.

France's finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, called the USA tariffs "unjustified, unjustifiable and unsafe". Malmstrom is meeting US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer in Paris today among other global trade chiefs.

France's finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, called the US tariffs "unjustified, unjustifiable and unsafe".

The EU had "no choice" but to bring a case before the World Trade Organization and impose duties on United States imports, he added.

Republican Kevin Brady, who shepherded last year's tax cut through Congress and chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, called on the administration to reinstate the exemptions.

The expansion builds on new funding announced in late April of an initial outlay of more than $30 million over five years to hire 40 new officers to investigate trade-related complaints, including those linked to steel and aluminum.

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