Moving lava flow heading toward Waa Waa

Moving lava flow heading toward Waa Waa

Moving lava flow heading toward Waa Waa

Lava-filled fissures have torn apart chunks of the southeastern side of the Big Island over the past three weeks as Kilaeau has become more active.

This has forced many more people to evacuate over fears that the flow could cut off escape routes for two coastal areas.

In Hawaii's East Rift Zone, where Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens are located, "additional ground cracking and outbreaks of lava in the area of the active fissures are possible", the USGS said.

Evacuations have occurred across Big Island in the wake of hotter, faster-spreading lava that has been moving up to 600 yards per hour overnight.

One new product of the fountaining lava this morning was Pele's hair, harmful fine strands of volcanic glass fibers that are so abrasive that they can scratch auto windshields if wiped away using windshield wipers.

"Hawaii County Civil Defence chose to evacuate all of lower Puna to ensure that people would be able to get out", Ms Stovall said.

Lava has been flowing on the island of Hawaii since an early May eruption of the Kilauea volcano on the island.

The US Geological Survey has responded to a social media query on whether it is safe to roast marshmallows over a volcanic vent.

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Hawaii County said lava destroyed the local electric utility's equipment on the highway, which knocked out power to Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots neighbourhoods toward the coast. More than 240 people are now in a shelter, according to reports. Furthermore, if sulfuric acid is added to sugar, USGS officials say there would be a "pretty spectacular reaction".

Volcanic gas emissions remain high from the fissure eruptions, scientists said. As trade winds diminish, the area affected by vog - or volcanic smog - could expand, the agency said.

Leilani Estates resident Steve Gebbie said he lost his home to lava Sunday night.

The National Weather Service advised that Pele's hair and the other volcanic glasses and ashes falling downwind from the volcano could cause skin and eye irritation along with respiratory issues. "Donna's house is gone".

But he emphasized that Kilauea is affecting only 10 square miles of the Big Island, which has an area of more than 4,000 square miles.

Puna Geothermal Venture has completed work to prepare the rest of its power plant near Pahoa to be overrun by lava, Hawaii County officials announced this morning.

"We've really been trying to clear up some misconceptions and tell people Hawaii is open for business".

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