Police seek three suspects after bomb attack in Canadian city

Police seek three suspects after bomb attack in Canadian city

Police seek three suspects after bomb attack in Canadian city

Police say 15 were injured, three of them with critical blast injuries, after the men detonated the explosive device in Mississauga's Bombay Bhel restaurant, the BBC reports.

The two male suspects fled after detonating their improvised explosive device.

Peel Region police said they received a call about the explosion in the Bombay Bhel restaurant, located in a plaza near Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, just after 10:30 p.m.

Three people were initially listed in critical condition, but by Friday morning their conditions had been upgraded to stable, Evans said.

Meanwhile, the plaza where the attack took place is busy and open for business, though about 25 per cent of the parking lot remains blocked off for the ongoing police investigation. "We haven't ruled anything out as we start our investigation", said Jennifer Evans, the Peel regional police chief.

Police posted a photograph on Twitter showing two people with dark zip-up hoodies walking into an establishment. One is described as mid-20s, 5-10 to 6 feet with a stocky build, and light skin.

"There's no indication that this is a terrorist act, no indication that this was a hate crime".

Sergeant Bertram said that the suspects in Thursday's attack were both light-skinned men who wore hoodies pulled over their heads, as well as face coverings.

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Where did the blast take place? Mississauga is on Lake Ontario, around 32 km west of Toronto. Three people have been reported to be critically injured in the explosion.

The area around the restaurant was swiftly evacuated but it is not known how many people were dining there at the time. "We are seeking the public's assistance in trying to locate them".

The presence of children was particularly shocking to Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

"This is certainly not anything you would expect to happen in Mississauga, not my Mississauga".

"This is not the Mississauga I know", said Crombie, adding the "people who have done this need to answer for their crimes".

Police said that all victims had been discharged from hospital by Friday afternoon.

A witness, Andre Larrivee, told the Globe and Mail newspaper that he was watching television in his home when he heard the "really loud" blast.

Meanwhile, Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said she was in touch with the country's representatives in Canada following the attack on an Indian restaurant, promising "our missions will work round the clock". She said the restaurant frequently bought rose petals from her business for use in traditional Indian ceremonies.

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