Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

Only for India, Facebook rolls out fresh updates for stories

Facebook is bringing three new features which include voice posts, an archive of stories, and the ability to save photos and videos in the cloud. The Facebook Stories Archive feature lets users save their stories to view, re-live them and share them. That, however, is not going to stop them from taking out new features to keep its users hooked.

Facebook users in India will now be able to save the photos and videos that they capture through Facebook's camera. While anecdotal evidence suggests the feature may be slow to take off in the US, the company can't afford to give up on Facebook Stories entirely. The updates are meant to help users share more on Facebook, while also making sure that Facebook Stories continues to grow its number of users. They can also be saved and shared later. These memories can be seen right when you log into your Facebook account and help you save the storage on your smartphone.

The features will initially be available in India before coming to the rest of the world. Camera-shy people or users with a poor quality camera wouldn't share as many videos as expected.

Now, you can save your photos on Facebook and share them later.

For Facebook, the future is all about Stories. Users can share these saved Stories later on as well.

Facebook hasn't released any user numbers for its Stories product, which launched in mid-2017, beyond saying that the figures are "encouraging". This is the first time it is launching product updates from the Indian market.

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Facebook did not provide statistics around the popularity of voice messaging in India.

The feature is located at the top of the page below notifications and above the trending news links.

Saving isn't the only area where Facebook is making tweaks to Stories, though.

Is Facebook slowly becoming a "has-been"? Up until now, users could now share images and videos on Facebook. And while Instagram's Stories are now more popular than Snapchat's, neither has really transcended the basic concept which earned the original so much acclaim.

When someone has an unseen story, their profile picture will be circled with a colourful ring. Unlike Snapchat, which has relatively few users outside of the USA and Europe, Facebook already has a sizeable base (and one that's still growing).

Again, users selfies and videos and add lively filters, effects and masks that vanish within 24 hours. There is no word on its arrival on Facebook Lite and for devices running iOS.

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