The Miramar desert map comes to PUBG Mobile today

The Miramar desert map comes to PUBG Mobile today

The Miramar desert map comes to PUBG Mobile today

"PUBG Mobile" gained more than 22 million iOS players shortly after launch, SuperData said. This is important, seeing as to how the desert map has been on PC since December 12, 2017.

The first new feature is Miramar, a new desert map that includes new vehicles and weapons.

And while the most exciting aspect is the new map, I'm more excited about the progress missions. While the developer continues refine the new map and add more details with each test period, the most recent trial saw players finding mysterious golden chests taking up space in various locations around the island. One thing to look out for are Progress Missions, which are weekly tasks that unlock rewards.

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"Instead of spending US$60 on a game, they can spend US$60 on a headset".

See you out there! They have apparently helped to drastically increase the company's headset sales due to team-based gameplay and requirements to be coordinated during games. If you have people physically near you that also play PUBG Mobile, you can enter a six-digit code to team up with them. Making it easier to join multiplayer matches and battle with your buddies. You'll find tons of new clothing, special clothing or items to buy for your character, and other add-ons. Giving players another option and access to specific items at a lower price. However, the developers made a lot of other changes that will improve the game and your experience. In-game sounds, vaulting, parachuting, and effects have all been optimized as well.

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