Spanish Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes pole in Spain

Spanish Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes pole in Spain

Spanish Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton takes pole in Spain

Red Bull's Christian Horner has already blasted the "half baked" new front wing design meant to boost overtaking next year.

"If we happen to this weekend have got on top of the issues that we have with the auto, and we start to be more consistent, then I think we'll be a lot happier, because then I'll know that I can continue to punch either at my weight, or a little bit above my weight". I've not had pole for a while. "I didn't get a great feeling on that tyre so I chose to ask to go back and I think it was the right call". It was a very close qualifying.

"But it took everything from us to get this result, and to get a one-two in qualifying is fantastic".

While Valtteri Bottas had dominated in the opening session, Hamilton set the pace with a 1m18.259s on the soft compound tire.

Todt said Miami was still very much in the realms of the hypothetical and that when it was firmed up, the FIA would send someone over to inspect and make recommendations.

Vettel agreed with Hamilton regarding the issue, finding the issue comical at best. "But this is what we had today", he added. "We though the Super Soft was the better tyre for us and it worked, bit it was still marginal the gains we made". "We can still work on the auto and we should be stronger tomorrow". We were quite ok this morning, trying to find the right direction. Renault managed to turn his auto around in time to attempt a final run, but he finished the session 16th - just 0.04s slower than Stoffel Vandoorne. Obviously, I am not entirely happy, but we expected Mercedes to be very strong here. But it's still a pretty long run, we will see. I don't know. It is what it is, it wasn't bad but I think we needed more laps. "Hats off to Mercedes but I think tomorrow will be a close race". I'm enjoying the battle, I'm enjoying the challenge.

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Kimi Raikkonen: "It was a tricky qualifying, not the ideal one", was Kimi's comment. 2017 onwards, the cars have become much faster and much wider, but this had made the cars hard to overtake on the circuit. At that point, I was in a position where I had nothing to lose, so we made a decision to try something else.

"And now we want to make them slower again?"

"Well, before they introduced the chicane, I think they were doing high fifteens", replied Vettel. More challenging, you see us more exhausted after the race. "I guess they just know they have it and they just turn it up when they need it". You have to consider that from turn one to turn four is flat out now, also turn seven to turn ten. "At the moment, we are making the racing better".

Despite a solid performance, Perez ended the session by the side of the track after a problem following a pit stop. "If there is time and anyone wants to approach me or any of the drivers, I am sure we can give some good insight".

"For me it's really how can I utilise these tyres, how can I minimise the losses, and not go in the wrong direction on set-up, which we have done a couple of times". I tried both the soft and supersoft tyre in Q3 but we have been more comfortable on the soft all weekend.

"I don't think it's particularly". I went a bit quicker on the soft but not enough to make up any positions. I think overall the tyres this weekend are different.

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