YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

YouTube will tell you when you're watching too much YouTube

The new features are first expected to hit the 13.17 and higher versions of the YouTube mobile app on both iOS and Android, the report said. With the rollout, this update YouTube will allow the users to set reminders at a specific interval of time. If you have the notifications of the update, you will receive a notification regarding the new YouTube update on your phone as well. It's actually a simple reminder, which you can customize, telling you that you should take a break from watching videos on the platform.

These few screenshots probably only show some of the new features of Android P. Do not hesitate to follow our live tweet in which you will discover the ads as you go! Users can set a reminder to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90, or 180 minutes. The other gestures listed on these screenshots are already available on Android Oreo. This won't close the app or pause the video, though, and it's up to you whether or not you will continue procrastinating.

The company hopes to reduce phone addiction with Dashboard, a new feature where you can manage how much time they spend on your devices.

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There are also two more attributes in the YouTube notifications menu. Other features coming down the pike include Program Timers, which will let you set time limits on using apps, and Shush, which should stop all alarms and vibrations whenever a telephone is put on a table or other surface with down the screen. The Take a rest feature could be accessed by heading to options General, and also the notifications feature can be found at options Notifications. What we could suggest is, wait for a couple of more days. As always, Google is releasing incremental Play Store updates every week with enhanced system stability, and it gets more refined with every update.

These functions won't be the last ones from Google which have been created to aid users get less deflected because of technology. It will reach to your region very soon.

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