Amazon Alexa can be set as default Android assistant

Amazon Alexa can be set as default Android assistant

Amazon Alexa can be set as default Android assistant

Last year, Microsoft and Amazon announced that their respective AI voice assistants - Cortana and Alexa - would be joining forces to combine the best of both ecosystems on Windows 10.

Then Alexa Senior Vice President Tom Taylor demonstrated using Cortana at work to check on his restaurant reservation before asking Cortana to raise Alexa to order an Uber. Google's Assistant software comes as the default assistant on every Android device, though users have been able to set Microsoft Cortana as the default assistant for some time. But using the new switch, it is also possible to speak with Alexa with in a glance right on your own apparatus.

At the time of this writing, the popular bxActions application does not work with Alexa.

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For example, Megan Saunders - Microsoft's general manager for product development on 3D for Everyone - used Alexa on an Amazon Echo to call up Cortana. They do vary in capabilities, and that makes it a good reason why you should try them all. However, you can say Google's wake commands and ask Google Assistant to launch Alexa.

After you've followed the steps above, you'll see a prompt to talk to Alexa instead of Google Assistant. After doing so, press the install button and get the application installed. Microsoft will also allow this cross-platform feature for Alexa on Cortana. Whatever app you want to use for a given function can be your default, and third-party apps aren't treated as second-rate. Then go to your phone settings and choose the apps & notifications from the menu. Also, the shift could fundamentally supply you with a reason to move away from your default Google Assistant that's almost all-pervasive on your own Android apparatus and even allow you to create repayments together with your own voice. The screenshot listed the assistant as an option under the "Assist apps" section within Settings.

On tapping this option, you'll be shown different options. Alexa said "I like Cortana". If you've chosen Cortana, you can use the same and complete the tasks. However, it seems that the company has finally chose to embrace the change as it is allowing users to integrate Alexa as a digital assistant in their Android smartphones.

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