Whatsapp Gets New Feature; Now Open Facebook And Instagram Videos On Whatsapp

Whatsapp Gets New Feature; Now Open Facebook And Instagram Videos On Whatsapp

Whatsapp Gets New Feature; Now Open Facebook And Instagram Videos On Whatsapp

Instagram Payments rolled out to few users in US and UKInstagram might soon enable purchases from within the application. Whatsapp also allows its user to transfer money directly through messaging app and make payment for the service and products they buy.

In the new updated version of Instagram, the company has reportedly integrated a new feature or payment option to enhance the e-commerce experience on its platform.

Headlining today's update is support for playing Instagram and Facebook videos directly within WhatsApp.

Unlike the Messenger and WhatsApp payments feature, the Instagram feature isn't about peer-to-peer payments.

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On Tuesday, May 1, Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp would soon be bringing group video calling to the popular communication app, making it possible for folks to have face-to-face conversations with multiple people at once. This ensured users got to watch YouTube videos from right within the messaging platform without having to switch to YouTube for the same. Once the in-app payments feature is expanded to more businesses, it could encourage many business profiles to give users the option to purchase their products or services directly via Instagram.

Group admins can now choose who can change a group's subject, icon and description by going to "Group Info" and tapping "Group Settings". Although the messaging app is now owned by Facebook, which admits they scan all the messages sent over Facebook messenger, they claim that they do not read messages sent over Whatsapp. They will automatically be directed to the chat. The Facebook-owned chat app would also support the third-party stickers made by the developers.

However, it was the 2016 introduced end-to-end encryption that was a big thorn in Facebook's side since it restricted them from providing WhatsApp data to businesses and more. For now, the feature is only available to select users in USA and United Kingdom and only a few partners can access it. The native in-app payment feature combined with in-app purchases can, therefore, be more easily accessible and attractable for all the users.

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