The rematch did not happen. Bellew knocked out hay

The rematch did not happen. Bellew knocked out hay

The rematch did not happen. Bellew knocked out hay

David Haye's 16-year boxing adventure is all but parked in the past, while his conqueror for the second time at the seething O2 Arena, Tony Bellew, is determined to rumble on to even bigger nights against Andre Ward or even Tyson Fury.

"David Haye is an wonderful fighter", Bellew said of his opponent, who was the WBA heavyweight champion in 2009 having previously been world champion at cruiserweight. Haye had billed this non-title bout as the make or break contest of a fading career, having been stopped by Bellew, two years younger at 35, in the 11th round after suffering an Achilles injury when the pair met in March last year.

Tony Bellew knew the fight was his to lose in the third round. I'm a walking super-series.

"Straight after the fight, I just went to see his mum and dad and told them to tell him to do the right thing and finish", he added. "I need a megastar".

Bellew said Haye being prepared to fight up close played to his own strengths and that his rival was "bringing a knife to a gun fight" by doing so.

The 37-year-old went on to congratulate Tony Bellew for being the better man on the night and showed his appreciation for what he has been able to do. "We have been friends for a long time and we have all been thrilled and entertained by his achievements, but I don't want to see this happen again".

Bellew mostly targeting the body of Haye, who was shooting the jab and looking for an opening to the head.

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Haye insisted that he was in better condition for this fight, and Bellew expected an early onslaught.

Haye started the fight prudent, but in the third round, got into a cabin and twice was knocked down.

Both men were given the same £2.5m guarantee in their first fight, although Haye reportedly came away with a whopping £4.2m.

Bellew delivered three knockdowns on his way to victory on Saturday.

He barely managed to get back up but called Bellew over for more action. Haye went down face-first and struggled to get up. Just as Haye looked to be regaining his fleet-footed swagger, Bellew led with a well-placed right and floored an unaware Haye with 18 seconds left. The bell saved Haye from further punishment that round and he tried to regroup in the fourth.

Haye's eyes were glassy as he took a nine-count from his knees. His nightmare was complete in the fifth round, when he was sent sprawling across the canvas by a left hook.

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