Paul Ryan Forced House Chaplain to Resign Over Tax Reform Prayer

Paul Ryan Forced House Chaplain to Resign Over Tax Reform Prayer

Paul Ryan Forced House Chaplain to Resign Over Tax Reform Prayer

In an April 15 letter he wrote to Ryan, Conroy announced, "As you have requested, I hereby offer my resignation as the 60th Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives".

Two members of Congress said a prayer Conroy delivered during the debate about the Republican tax overhaul was the reason Ryan forced Conroy to resign.

But until we know more details, this episode looks terrible for Ryan, who regularly acquiesces to the ugliest Republican trends in the Trump era.

King isn't the only Congressperson calling Ryan's reasoning into question.

In his November 6 prayer, Conroy urged Congress not to create "winners and losers" under the Republican tax measure, which, as has been reported, greatly benefits wealthy people over time.

Conroy told the New York Times that Ryan warned him to "stay out of politics".

But Ryan's office won't say why Conroy was asked to resign and he hasn't told rank-and-file Democrats why. He will remain in the job until late May and continues to offer the opening prayer each day when the House goes into session. Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly said he wasn't sure why Ryan made the decision and wants to the Wisconsin Republican to answer questions over "this breach that he created".

Ryan aide Ashlee Strong wouldn't say what prompted the resignation, only that Conroy's remarks about tax cuts weren't part of it, according to The Associated Press. "I have expressed my forceful disagreement with this decision to the speaker".

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"This forced resignation has compromised the dignity of the House of Representatives by politicizing the office of the House Chaplain", Crowley said. The priest was magnanimous in an interview with The New York Times after his firing, saying, "My understanding going into this is that I serve at the prerogative of the speaker".

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), one of the leaders of the committee searching for a replacement for the ousted House chaplain, said the next spiritual leader of the House should be someone with a family who can better relate and counsel lawmakers with spouses and children.

She said Ryan consulted with Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and that she did not object to dismissing Conroy.

Although Ryan also is Roman Catholic, he diverges from Vatican doctrine when it comes to aiding the poor, the sick, and the other powerless groups to whom Jesus devoted his ministry, as recounted in the New Testament.

Walker, a Southern Baptist minister, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, Walker and co-chairman of the Prayer Caucus, didn't explicitly say a Catholic could not serve as House chaplain. He remains grateful for Father Conroy's service'. For the House speaker to fire the House chaplain is without precedent, at least in modern times.

The only Democrat now on the search committee, Rep. Emauel Cleaver (Mo.) - a United Methodist pastor - said he was furious after Thursday's meeting and set up an appointment with Ryan. Some House Democrats said it could be a result of a prayer he gave related to the new tax plan.

Until then, the speaker doesn't have a prayer. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat, is said to be working on a discharge petition to prevent Conroy's resignation.

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