Trump says Kim Jong Un has been 'open' and 'honorable' so far

Trump says Kim Jong Un has been 'open' and 'honorable' so far

Trump says Kim Jong Un has been 'open' and 'honorable' so far

This can not be viewed as a bilateral U.S.

Trump has also confirmed that he will meet with Kim to discuss North Korea's nuclear program in late May or the beginning of June, although the venue and exact date of the summit have not yet been announced.

The South China Morning Post reported April 25 that the mountain site where North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests has collapsed.

Jeong said the North Korea policy adopted by the previous U.S. administration of Barack Obama - which required Pyongyang to commit to giving up its nuclear weapons - was inadequate in ensuring stability on the Korean peninsula and gave Kim's regime more time to consolidate its nuclear arsenal. Once at the table, he must reject Kim's unverifiable pledges and, if necessary, walk away empty-handed. Ultimately, U.S. goals should include the signing of a peace treaty, the lifting of economic sanctions against North Korea, and the integration of North Korea into a regional and world economy, which is key to long-term peace and stability on the Peninsula.

After Bashar al-Assad used sarin gas on his own people in August of 2013, President Obama cut a deal with Russia's Vladimir Putin to destroy Syria's chemical weapons stockpile, but the evidence suggests that al-Assad kept some of his weaponry and has since used chlorine a few times. Such a program could be developed, funded and implemented jointly with our allies and other members of the global community.

It's remarkable how far we've come since just the beginning of the year, when the opening created by the Olympic Truce greased the wheels for smart diplomacy by the governments of both South and North Korea, leading to an astonishing thaw in relations.

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"Quick nuclear abandonment by Pyongyang is certainly a welcome thing".

"Now is the time for the country to pursue a new start in engaging with my mandate and in allowing me to carry out an official visit", Ojea Quintana said. By announcing the suspension of nuclear and intercontinental missile tests last week, and letting it be known that he would not ask for the withdrawal of us troops from South Korea, the 34-year-old dictator is probably seeking to create the expectation of compensatory American concessions when he and Mr. Trump meet, without taking any of the "verifiable" and "irreversible" steps toward denuclearization the Trump administration has been demanding. Analysts believe that North Korean technicians still have some work to do to make this a fact, but the important thing, from Moon's viewpoint, was the shift to engagement.

As Trump spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday about his efforts to set up diplomatic talks with North Korea, he referred to the North Korean tyrant as "very open" and "very honorable".

That's why Kim's announcement he was closing a nuclear test site and suspending long-range missile launches produced a cautious response from knowledgeable arms experts and even some administration aides. That's fine, but the larger question is what Trump thinks as he approaches the summit.

"In line with what the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been advocating, I call upon all concerned Governments to uphold human rights as a conflict prevention and peacebuilding mechanism", he said.

Here's hoping he sticks to this principle.

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