Will Tilted Towers Survive? Epic Games Announce Fortnite

Will Tilted Towers Survive? Epic Games Announce Fortnite

Will Tilted Towers Survive? Epic Games Announce Fortnite

"Fortnite Tracker", a website that assists players of the game to check stats and monitor leaderboards has gone ahead to ascertain the Battle Pass challenges for the 9th week of the third season.

Yet it's actually the improvements to the game's optimization and various quality of life changes that we're most happy with.

With D5 being the location of the Tilted Towers and 418 possibly referring to April 18, some have speculated that the meteor could impact the Tilted Towers location on this date.

Some fans believe that the new controller vibrations that were added to the game during the recent update could also be connected to the impending meteor strike.

"The Vault" is Epic's term for items that have been removed from the game with a potential to return having been worked on internally.

It's also worth mentioning that Epic has never shied away from completely backtracking on changes made if the game has suffered as a result. Instead, Treyarch will focus on the game's multiplayer and Zombie modes.

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Games are always trying to add exciting new content and campaigns and while this hasn't impacted gameplay, it's certainly kept the playerbase engaged.

Speculation about the comet began in late March, when data miners uncovered files related to the suspicious object. Meteors have been appearing in the skies above the Fortnite map, as well as a comet.

As many fans have speculated, all of this evidence could point to major changes to the popular game via a meteor strike, though the rumors have yet to be confirmed. The D5 area where Tilted Towers would otherwise be lines up perfectly with Poznan, the site of the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve.

Fans have also found evidence for a crater site under the map where the Tilted Towers now stand, and a new LTM mode has also been datamined.

It would make sense that Epic Games would want to do this big update near the end of the month, and for the beginning of Season 4.

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