Taliban attack Afghan district compound

Taliban attack Afghan district compound

Taliban attack Afghan district compound

At least 25 Taliban terrorists and 18 others, including 15 security force personnel were killed in an attack on a government compound last night. The gun battle continued for more than an hour.

The district is close to the provincial capital, Ghazni city. The province is reportedly under Taliban control. The Taliban planted mines to prevent government reinforcements from coming to help and quickly took responsibility for the attack, said Mohammad Arif Rahmani, a lawmaker in the Afghan Parliament.

The Taliban controls large swaths of Ghazni, a strategic province near the border with Pakistan. The district centre, however, is still in government hands.

Shah Agha, a resident of the area, confirmed to Pajhwok that the Taliban insurgents had escaped to Tagab and Ala Sai districts.

Consistent with trends observed in 2017, the report noted that civilian casualties attributed to pro-government forces in the first quarter of 2018 reduced by 13 percent to 407 civilian casualties.

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The Taliban then torched the district headquarters, he said. He said Taliban fighters had killed about 20 Afghan security force members.

Taliban said they have captured the district, a claim that was rejected by the local police officials, the TOLO News said.

A district governor in Afghanistan's Parwan province says a sticky bomb has destroyed an oil tanker outside the Bagram military base north of the Afghan capital Kabul. Travel by road between Kabul and Kandahar province, a traditional Taliban heartland, is considered unsafe because of large swaths are now under Taliban control.

"The attack is over and the district is under the control of Afghan security forces after reinforcement forces rushed to the scene following the Taliban attack", Mohseni added.

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