Russell Crowe's 'Gladiator' armor sells for $96K at 'divorce' auction

Russell Crowe's 'Gladiator' armor sells for $96K at 'divorce' auction

Russell Crowe's 'Gladiator' armor sells for $96K at 'divorce' auction

The 53-year-old Oscar-winning actor is holding an auction of almost three rooms' worth of his belongings through Sotheby's Australia, in an auction exhibit he's calling "The Art of Divorce".

"I don't collect for the sake of collecting; I collect because I'm passionate about a particular subject", Crowe says in the interview.

"He basically curated it", Cairnduff said.

But the highest price for film memorabilia was reserved for a century-old Leandro Bisiach violin used in the 2003 period war-drama Master and Commander that sold for $135,000.

The auction opened on Saturday, which is his wedding anniversary and is also his 54th birthday, months after he finalised his divorce that leaves Danielle with their $11 million house and a rumoured $20 million payout.

Stunt cuirass worn by Crowe when his character Maximus died in the 2000 film Gladiator - $125,000. About 200 movie costumes, props from some of his most popular films, including Gladiator, Master and Commander, LA Confidential and The Insider, went under the hammer.

The Gladiator "stuff" (his word for it all) could be a real pull - a replica Roman chariot, armour, weapons and two life-size prop horses.

A leather pair of Dr. Martens boots from an earlier movie, "Romper Stomper", was purchased for $10,000.

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Leather jockstrap in the 2005 boxing flick Cinderella Man - $7000. It will be sold with a letter from Russell Crowe "stating his ownership". It's even more special that they came from Russell's private collection as I'm a massive fan of his work as an actor'.

Auction house Sotheby's reported many items sold for well above their estimated value, including a pair of metal cuffs the Oscar victor wore in Gladiator, which was valued at up to $1,535 but sold for $29,974.

"It's been sitting in my office since 2002 when I finished the film, gathering dust and staring at me accusingly because I always thought I would keep playing", Crowe said.

The auction followed Crowe finalising his divorce in December last year after nine years of marriage.

Russell split from his wife Danielle five years ago, and made a decision to sell off their belongings and bring closure to their life together.

Crowe told an Australian morning television show that the idea behind the sale was to "turn something that was a little bit bleak into something joyful".

"Once I commit to something, I stick with it, so you never know..."

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