Hamilton hopes Verstappen will 'learn' from immature mistakes

Hamilton hopes Verstappen will 'learn' from immature mistakes

Hamilton hopes Verstappen will 'learn' from immature mistakes

Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas came within six-tenths-of-a-second of the race victor, but Hamilton insists that Ferrari have the early season edge over Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport.

Hamilton's Mercedes, too, is no longer as dominant as it was early in the turbo-hybrid era.

Verstappen has endured an incident-filled start to the season in both Australia, where he ran off track and spun in the race, and in Bahrain where he crashed in qualifying and in the race.

Mercedes forced leader Sebastian Vettel to switch to Plan B, a one-stopper, which the German considered might be "checkmate".

As the youngest-ever Grand Prix victor in history, Verstappen is already established as a potential heir to Hamilton's position atop F1.

The next race is in less than a weeks' time at the Shanghai International Circuit, China, and Hamilton is keen to get back to winning ways on circuit where he has won five times in the past. Vettel was second for Ferrari with the Italian team seeming to hold the advantage over Mercedes in the hotter temperatures.

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"My thoughts are already on the world championship", Hamilton told Sky Sports F1 after the race in Bahrain. Then I'm not going to stay behind him.

"We got a bit squeezed but from the middle to the end of the corner I was ahead, I then felt a nudge from behind and could feel the puncture and therefore knew the race was likely over". The Dutchman blamed the reigning champion, but replays showed he gave the Mercedes driver no room to maneuver, resulting in the latter's front wing brushing the former's left rear tire. "I got past a couple of cars off the line and then I went opposite to go on the inside.But the vehicle ahead chose to dive to the right so I had to bail out and had cars pass me on the left, so I fell back on the opening lap.The race was lost in those opening laps".

Sunday's incident is far from the first time that Verstappen has criticised for his highly aggressive style of racing.

Hamilton was heard calling Verstappen "a dickhead", prompting questions about it in the post-race press conference - when Sebastian Vettel leapt to Hamilton's defence.

"There needs to be a certain respect between drivers", the Brit said. "And ultimately... maybe I need to go and watch the maneuver again, but it didn't feel like a respectful maneuver".

The Mercedes driver is expected to drop five places for the start of today's race because of the problem.

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