Weather Authority: Light snow Thursday night

Weather Authority: Light snow Thursday night

Weather Authority: Light snow Thursday night

Patchy clouds and cold. With a low of 12 degrees in the forecast, we'll easily break that by Saturday morning. Not much accumulation is expected except possibly a dusting on grassy surfaces.

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. High: mid-upper 40s.

"It'll begin to warm up throughout Sunday, reaching up to the lower 40s by mid afternoon" Zwier said, "but then, come Sunday evening, snow will begin to fall again". This system, with origins in the sub tropics will bring more rain than snow. Fortunately we dodged a bullet this go around, and this storm system is tracking so far south and east that the precipitation is staying well south and east of our area.

Overnight temperatures have been consistently above 50° F. but our tomato vines are too young to support fruit. Look for many to drop into the mid20s.

Snow showers, cold temperatures and gusty winds will be the main story this morning. For the remainder of Saturday, we can expect a mix of clouds with falling temperatures.

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Overnight, partly cloudy skies and another night at or below freezing. With the temperature dropping to 29 degrees Saturday night the rain could change to snow between 8pm and midnight. Winds will start off light and variable. Tomorrow's high is 55 degrees.

Our next rain chance comes in late Monday into early Tuesday, but should just be mostly rain.

The below normal temperatures and winter-like weather will continue into the weekend.

Conditions are expected to improve on Sunday, with a bit more sunshine and an afternoon high around 74 degrees.

The cold air could also cause problems on the roads Sunday morning should any moisture linger.

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