Vatican police arrest ex-diplomat over 'child pornography'

Vatican police arrest ex-diplomat over 'child pornography'

Vatican police arrest ex-diplomat over 'child pornography'

The Vatican has formally arrested Msgr.

Capella, 51, was a high-ranking member of the Vatican diplomatic corps, serving in Italy before his posting to the USA embassy in 2017.

The Vatican said on Saturday a monsignor who was a former advisor at its USA embassy in Washington has been arrested on suspicion of watching child sex abuse.

Vatican in a official statement said that the city-state's prosecutor had issued an arrest warrant after monsignor Carlo Capella was found guilty for possessing and watching child pornography.

An Escanaba man charged with 14 felonies related to child pornography waived his preliminary hearing in Delta County District Court and was automatically bound over to circuit court this week.

If indicted, the monsignor will have to stand trial in the Vatican and faces up to 12 years in jail.

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It is the latest case the Catholic Church has faced after repeated criticism for the way it has handled scandals over paedophile priests. The Italian monsignor was ordered back to the Vatican from Washington in the summer of 2017 after US officials told the Holy See the priest was being investigated for possible violations of child pornography laws. He has pledged zero tolerance but critics say he has not done enough to hold to account bishops who allegedly covered up abuse.

The arrested monsignor was deployed at the embassy, in Washington since mid-2016.

Capella, who was in office until previous year, was recalled from Washington last September by the Vatican.

A statement by Canadian police at the time said the suspected offences occurred while he was visiting "a place of worship" in Canada.

Wesolowski faced charges of paying boys for sexual acts, downloading and buying paedophile material while he was the Vatican's ambassador in the Dominican Republic.

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