Woman fired after flipping off President Donald Trump's motorcade sues ex-employer

Woman fired after flipping off President Donald Trump's motorcade sues ex-employer

Woman fired after flipping off President Donald Trump's motorcade sues ex-employer

Juli Briskman, the Virginia woman who was sacked from her job after being photographed flipping off the U.S. president's motorcade during a bike ride, is now suing her former employer, Akima LLC, for violating an employment law.

"Juli's expression of disapproval of the President is fundamental political speech protected by both the United States Constitution and Virginia state law."
Briskman, apparently not a fan of the 45th president, let her thoughts be known by extending her middle finger at the motorcade.

Juli Briskman filed a lawsuit in a Virginia court on Wednesday arguing that the government contractor Akima violated the state's employment law when it forced her to quit. U.S. News & World Report stated that while Briskman's face was not visible at the time that the photograph was taken place, she told her superiors what happened after the photo went viral. "You're golfing again?" before raising her finger.

In her legal complaint Ms Briskman claimed she was forced to resign for violating Akima's social media policy.

Briskman's legal team said that she was sacked because she was opposed to Trump instead of for Trump, and she noted that her male colleague who used terms such as "Libtard" was not fired, even though he was political on social media. While Briskman was sacked for that expression, one of the company's Senior Director of Operations stated a derogatory statement regarding the Black Lives Movement and he was still employed by the company.

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The lawsuit, filed by the Geller Law Group and Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan pressure group, argues that Akima violated Virginia employment law by firing Briskman out of fear of unlawful government retaliation.

The 50-year-old mother of two was applauded by fellow leftists on social media but Akima, the government contracting firm she worked for, was not amused.

The executives also feared blowback from the Trump administration, lawyers for Briskman said in the lawsuit. Briskman claims that she was due four weeks of severance pay, but only given two. The figure also includes attorney's fees and interest. The total amount of the lawsuit amounts to little more than the cost of a junky used vehicle: $2,692.30.

It contends that earlier in 2017, a senior director of operations at Akima wrote the words "You're a fucking Libtard asshole" in a Facebook discussion about Black Lives Matter.

"I am fighting back because no American should have to choose between their pocketbooks & their principles."
A crowdfunding effort to tide her over throughout her job search netted $134,385.

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