Russo Brothers Remind Fans That #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Russo Brothers Remind Fans That #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Russo Brothers Remind Fans That #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

"Hot Toys has dedicated its great effort to create the latest Avengers: Infinity War collectibles based on the most up-to-date details, and today Hot Toys is ecstatic to officially introduce the highly movie accurate 1/6th scale Thanos collectible figure that Marvels fans eagerly sought after!"

"The fact that the Russo brothers won't give us the Avengers 4 title because it spoils Infinity War scares the sh*t outta me", the user wrote, to which Joe and Anthony replied, "It should". They, however, promised not to screen the film in its entirety till the Los Angeles premiere, before the film's worldwide release.

"Everyone involved with the film has worked incredibly hard the past two years maintaining the highest level of secrecy", the letter shares. The level of secrecy is a clear indicator that something awful is going to happen by the time we see the end of Avengers: Infinity War. But, if the "true" plot is something more mysterious beyond that, then there could be aspects to Infinity War that nobody is even thinking about. "I would want to tell you all the secrets and I just don't know them".

You can read the complete message from the Russo brothers below! That aside, this movie is the culmination of what Marvel has built for its cinematic universe in a lot of ways, including finally paying off all the teases of the eventual, overarching Big Bad, Thanos, who we're all very excited about.

According to Polygon, the directors are asking the internet to do the impossible in 2018.

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Plus, what's a spoiler?

There are also plenty of people in those same replies pointing out that Brolin is likely correct, judging by what we know about Thanos from the comics, but that completely misses the point that no one really cares that much. Inevitably, there'll still be surprises along the way, but for now let's hope that they're hidden until the film comes out.

So, essentially what the Russos seem to be asking for here is not unambiguous silence, but respect.

Thanos demands your silence puny Earthlings!

The film is scheduled for an April 27 release.

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