US 'affluenza teen' released from jail

US 'affluenza teen' released from jail

US 'affluenza teen' released from jail

He skirted jail when a juvenile court in 2014 sentenced him to 10 years of probation, sparking public outrage.

During his trial and sentencing, Couch became the subject of global headlines after a psychologist testified that he had "affluenza" - a portmanteau of the words "affluence" and "influenza". Tim Williams' best friend, Brian Jennings, was one of the four people killed by Couch in 2013.

Though Couch killed four and left a fifth victim paralyzed, he wasn't initially sentenced to any jail time.

His case gained national attention when a psychologist involved in the case said then-16-year-old Couch was a product of "affluenza" - a term he used to describe Couch's irresponsible lifestyle associated with his affluent upbringing.

Ethan Couch - who infamously used his wealthy upbringing as a defense for his crime, saying it impaired his ability to tell right from wrong - served almost two years at Tarrant County Jail for fleeing to Mexico after the fatal 2013 crash.

Couch is responsible for killing four people and injuring nine others in a horrific drunk driving accident in 2013, when he was a juvenile.

He was three times over the legal limit for an adult when the crash happened, but in his trial, Ethan Couch's legal team blamed his rich background for leaving him unable to tell wrong from right. Terms for his probation included a 9 p.m. curfew.

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But his probation was revoked in 2016 after he attended a party where alcohol was served.

"From the beginning, [Couch] has admitted his conduct, accepted responsibility for his actions, and felt true remorse for the bad consequences of those actions", Couch's lawyers Scott Brown and Reagan Wynn, wrote in a statement. They were arrested in the resort of Puerto Vallarta after a manhunt.

His mother, Tonya Couch, was charged with hindering apprehension of a known felon and money laundering, but was released after posting bond.

The 720 days Ethan Couch served for his crimes shows that drunk driving homicides still aren't treated as the violent crimes that they are.

Just last week, she returned to jail after failing a drug test, prosecutors said.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers blasted Couch's release as a "grave injustice".

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