Deadpool Animated Series Test Footage Leaks Online

Deadpool Animated Series Test Footage Leaks Online

Deadpool Animated Series Test Footage Leaks Online

During the Television Critics Association summer tour in August, FX president John Landgraf made it clear that this series would be much different than the hit movie starring Ryan Reynolds, stating, the show had a, "different tone and editorial voice", but that was the last we heard about the show until its abrupt cancellation last week.

The foul-mouthed vigilante goes on to exclaim, "Ladies and gentleman, what you're witnessing is sweet, d***-kicking revenge!" as he flips over his opponents, blasts his gun seemingly a billion times, shoves a grenade in some guy's mouth, and swings his signature katanas through the air. "That's my relationship with the "Rick and Morty" of it all".

Speculation about the nature of the "creative differences" that ended the Deadpool project has grown heated since news first broke of the Glovers' departure. "And we were excited by creating a show that was similar in how it took risks and had a big broad universe".

You may have seen Donald Glover's 15-page script for an "Deadpool" episode titled "Finale", which he posted to Twitter Wednesday - but did you read it? I mean, I think our show woulda been amusing.

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The Deadpool animation test was directed by Barry J. Kelly, and it captures the kinetic chaos of the title character in just over a minute of footage. Be sure to tell us all of your thoughts in the comments down below!

According to The Wrap, Glover's brother and Deadpool series co-creator, Stephen Glover, tweeted (then deleted) several juicy bits about the show's demise on Thursday. "I just wanted a place to be honest And I guess that place is Freeform". So I can't really speak to that. And now, thanks to a bout of unexpectedly brutal honesty, we actually know exactly what some of those creative differences were.

"There really was a Taylor Swift episode", Stephen wrote in a since-deleted tweet. I can understand toning things down as F-bombs, masturbation jokes and bloody body parts flying everywhere like in the movie will make it a harder sell for a network, but from Glover... sorry, I mean Deadpool's comments, it appears that that was not good enough for Marvel.

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