Fight against TB goes beyond treatment of the disease

Fight against TB goes beyond treatment of the disease

Fight against TB goes beyond treatment of the disease

In 2016, an estimated 1 million children became ill with TB and 250 000 children died of TB (including children with HIV associated TB).

He said TB remains the world's leading infectious killer, being responsible for the deaths of almost 1.7 million people each year and representing the ninth leading cause of death globally.

Factors such as malnutrition, poor housing and sanitation, compounded by other risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol use and diabetes, affect vulnerability to TB and access to care.

The social taboo attached to tuberculosis has resulted in people hiding their disease, something that has contributed in the significant increase in the spread of the disease.

More than 95 percent of TB cases and deaths occur in low-and middle-income countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa and the Western Pacific.

"What is remarkable about the exercise is that these patients have been identified about 4-6 months before symptoms appear". TB has emerged as one of the deadliest communicable disease because it can quickly develop drug resistance. "It is a major health concern in countries due to the non-availability of explicit diagnostic tools to detect TB among them".

The statistics also showed that a third of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and there is a new infection every second. Worldwide India is the country with the highest burden of both TB and MDR TB. Do not come in contact with TB patients.

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The anti-TB drugs are taken alongside ARVs, making it hard cumbersome to adhere to the treatment regimen. Majority of the patients find it convenient to visit private hospitals and clinics because of reasons like familiarity with the doctors, trust in the facility and less or no formalities in such facilities.

A TB-free world is a wonderful service to humanity, he stated, adding that the government was working in a mission mode to make India TB-free. This model was further supported by a special information system to track expenditures for all patients at TB hospitals in a timely, secure, and reliable manner.

Dr Wong reminded the public that the treatment of TB involves a prescription of multiple medicines which lasts for at least six months, and TB patients should stringently take the medication on time to minimise the emergence of drug-resistant TB. These new products are reaching the final stages of the 10-15-year R&D process-one in which many other possible treatments or vaccines have fallen by the wayside.

The government has set an ambitious goal of eliminating TB by 2025-five years before the global target-but with the emergence of drug-resistant TB, this is set to be an extremely challenging task, government sources conceded.

Urban Development Minister Nabam Rebia flagged off a TB awareness procession from Nyorch village market complex to the ZPC hall.

Genital tuberculosis is a prominent factor for infertility not only in females but also in males.

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