Google Allowing Third-Parties to Build Custom Commands for Assistant

Google Allowing Third-Parties to Build Custom Commands for Assistant

Google Allowing Third-Parties to Build Custom Commands for Assistant

An oven manufacturer, for instance, can use the ability to program voice controls for specific tasks, such as, 'set oven to convection and preheat to 350 degrees.' By handling some work to manufacturers, Google believes that the Assistant will become more helpful. Manufacturers are going insane after seeing this new Google update and people are now feeling free as Google can solve their half of the problem by providing a Google Assistant Service that can support all the custom voice commands in their products itself.

Apart from opening up Assistant to custom commands, Google also announced other new features. The developers will be able to add conversation based actions to the assistant. The newest additions come in the form of Custom Device Actions, and they're about to add one whole heck of a lot of variety to their connected device ecosystem. Developers of Actions do need to add this feature, so not all of them will work right off the bat. Basically, this means that Google Assistant users will have access to more audio experiences, including relaxing sound, clips from favorite TV shows, as well as news briefings. Furthermore, Actions will now support media playback on speakers and Android phones.

With the use of Actions, users will be able to subscribe for notifications on various channels. So if you are from Developers side, you will be happy to get started with this new updated Google Assistant app.

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Of all the features, the ability to issue complex commands seems most promising, as it'll significantly increase the number of things Assistant-powered devices can do.

In a nutshell, if you want support for a device or service on Google Assistant, you won't have to wait for Google to roll out direct support, and developers can begin integration from their end instead.

Today's new features are especially geared towards the smart home and better integrating those gadgets with Assistant.

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