Russia's Putin praises women's contributions in holiday greetings

Russia's Putin praises women's contributions in holiday greetings

Russia's Putin praises women's contributions in holiday greetings

On the other hand, Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that the creation of new Russian strategic weapons systems was "a forced but logical response to the persistent aggravation of the worldwide military and political situation by the United States and their allies".

"I think he is a reasonable man, despite his flamboyant ways-a result of his previous activities and experience", Putin said, claiming that-while talking business-Trump "gets to the core of issues, he listens and communicates with the other party".

Venting his frustration with the USA political system, Putin said 'it has demonstrated its inefficiency and has been eating itself up'.

'I made some exaggerations, ' the action-loving Russian leader said with a grin.

President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation has no concerns about being portrayed as the world's main villain by some, stressing that such perceptions are only shared by certain groups in Western countries.

He has also downplayed conclusions by US intelligence services that Moscow interfered in the USA presidential election in 2016 and warnings that it will likely continue to do so.

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He added with a smile: 'But I liked doing that, it was my job for many years'.

In a two-hour video documentary released in his native Russia, Putin said that he would give the order to launch if Russia was threatened with nuclear missiles.

Yanukovych was elected the president of Ukraine in 2010. "That is, there is an upswing", Putin said.

"Those who serve us with poison will eventually swallow it and poison themselves", he added.

Mr Browder, who was once Russia's largest foreign investor, told how he became Putin's "number one enemy" after exposing corruption and looting in Russian Federation. Moscow has denied any involvement.

"Yes, this will be a global catastrophe for the world". "This is also fantastic, just like the weapons I mentioned yesterday [on March 1 in the State of the Nation Address - TASS]", the head of state said.

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