Tata Motors unveils electric concept vehicle at Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors unveils electric concept vehicle at Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors unveils electric concept vehicle at Geneva Motor Show

The E-vision concept is built on the "Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced" (OMEGA) architecture. This platform has been modular and scalable to accommodate a wide range of electric cars in future. And with minimal curves on the bonnet, the sedan gives a close look to the one seen on the Tata H5X concept vehicle, showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo.

The new all-electric Tata E Vision Sedan Concept continues the carmaker's vision towards e-mobility.

Interestingly, the E-Vision was previously linked with the Alfa platform (better known as AMP) that underpins the 45X concept.

Tata Motors had disclosed a new focus on cabin ambience and the human-machine interface on cars built to Impact Design 2.0, and the EVision concept's interior does show the result of that focus. This is called the EVision Sedan Concept.

The Humanity Line is beautifully crafted in brush aluminum up front, and the slim LED headlamps have a cohesive stance with the larger grille.

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The E-Vision's elegant exterior design complements its interior, which has an air of minimalism about it. The dashboard is triple layered, with a thick horizontal wood insert positioned gracefully. Besides the regular instrument cluster, there's also an additional one on top of the dashboard, which pops out as and when needed. It is hosted at the Palexpo convention center and has been the launchpad of some of the most revered cars we have seen over the years. The absence of this console leaves acres of room for passengers at the front.

The e-tron quattro concept previewing it featured system outputs of 320kW and 800Nm, allowing for a 4.6-second sprint from 0-100km/h, and a limited top speed of 210km/h. We can expect a range of about 300km to 400km from a battery of an unknown capacity that powers the dual electric motors mounted at either axles. Its shallow angle makes it easy for people to get in with a suitcase on wheels, a stroller, a wheelchair, or even on crutches.

According to data collected from auto manufacturers' associations and other industry groups, plug-in electric vehicles accounted for no more than 2.3 percent in any of the world's five largest passenger auto markets in 2017.

The full 16-minute Audi press event is shown below on video; the segment leading up to the appearance of the camouflaged e-tron appears starting at roughly the 13:20-minute mark.

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