Volvo S60 reveal set for SC this summer

Volvo S60 reveal set for SC this summer

Volvo S60 reveal set for SC this summer

Customers can also now get the V60 through the Swedish carmaker's subscription service, called Care by Volvo. This tightened look is a requirement in this segment, not to mention that the V60 is also destined to spawn a Polestar variant sometime in the future.

Expect to see the new and improved Volvo S60 this summer.

Most folks acquainted with automobiles can tell you a story about an old Volvo station wagon, and how it was relegated to some sort of strenuous duty, whether it was hauling around various items, serving as the first auto for a learning driver, or being generally unstoppable during spontaneous road trips.

Crisp, angular, and lush, Volvo's V60 midsize wagon redesigned for 2019 is everything folks want in an SUV-just without that elephantine ride height and abundance of vertical sheetmetal and glass.

The official details of the new Volvo V60 have been released. The 2019 V60 adopts the same interior as other new Volvos, complete with the large Sensus Connect infotainment system.

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Customers can choose from the petrol T5 and T6 units, or the D3 and D4 diesel engines, while Volvo is also offering two plug-in hybrid units. A more detailed pricing structure will be announced soon. The T5 front wheel drive version will push out 250 horsepower while the T6 with all-wheel drive will be available with 316 horsepower.

A second version of the T6 is also expected for the USA market, and it will introduce a new plug-in hybrid powertrain to Americans.

As Volvo has built a reputation for building some of the safest cars in the world, it has fitted the V60 with City Safety with Autobrake - which uses autonomous emergency braking and hazard detection systems - and Pilot Assist, which can reduce driver fatigue as the vehicle can perform all major driving functions by itself at speeds up to 80mph on well-marked roads. The new Volvo V60 estate has been revealed, following on from the XC60 SUV.

The driver assist features have received a boost thanks to the semi-autonomous Pilot Assist technology, which offers assistance with steering, acceleration and braking. "The V60 really is the central point of the Volvo brand", said Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars.

Volvo is renowned for its supreme safety tech, so it comes as no surprise that the V60 is equipped with all manner of hi-tech driver assists.

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