Google's digital assistant branches out to Nest camera

Google's digital assistant branches out to Nest camera

Google's digital assistant branches out to Nest camera

Google clearly has a goal of putting the Google Assistant just about everywhere.

Smart home company Nest today announced that a promised Google Assistant update for its Cam IQ security camera has now arrived, which brings Google's voice-based artificial intelligence platform to the indoor version of the camera.

Google's voice-activated assistant is branching out to Nest's deluxe security camera in an expansion that may amplify the privacy concerns surrounding Internet-connected microphones. The device is now basically a mini Google Home with a camera on top.

The new update - available to download today - embeds the Google Assistant in the Nest Cam IQ indoor and effectively turns it into a rough Google Home equivalent, albeit with some features missing. Just like every other Google Assistant device, it supports questions, smart home commands, making shopping lists, buying stuff, controlling Chromecasts, and a score of other things. The move comes just two weeks after Nest moved back under Google's direct control after spending almost 2½ years as a separate company owned by the same parent, Alphabet. Now we're adding a 5-day plan for $5 a month, in addition to our existing 10-day/$10 and 30-day/$30 plans.

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With Nest Aware, you'll get an alert on your phone when your Nest Cam spots something you might like to know about-like if a person is at your front door.

Along with the software update, Nest is adding a new $5 / 5-day subscription plan to its Nest Aware video upload service.

One of the best things about Nest products is that they continue to get better through over-the-air software updates. Nest says it's also adding the ability for its cameras to distinguish human beings and objects in so-called Activity Zones, which are designated areas in your camera's line of sight where you suspect motion might occur.

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