Gunman shot dead by police after targeting YouTube stars

Gunman shot dead by police after targeting YouTube stars

Gunman shot dead by police after targeting YouTube stars

According to police records, 23-year-old Christopher Giles of Albuquerque, New Mexico, drove 11 hours to the couple's Texas home because he was obsessed with Turney, NBC-affiliate KXAN reports.

A YouTube celebrity couple hid in the closet late last month, calling 911 while police say a man searched through their home in Austin, armed with a gun and firing at least one round inside the house. Austin police officer Matthew Jackson fired back and fatally injured Giles.

Austin police described Giles as "single, lonely and disturbed", according to the court documents.

The Austin P.D. confirmed the case is under investigation, but the did not provide additional comments.

According to police, Giles died at the scene.

And his phone was full of notes suggesting he had "developed a fondness" for the woman, Megan Turney, and a dislike of her boyfriend, Gavin Free. Free and Turney were reportedly hiding inside of a closet and were on the phone with 911, while the attacker was inside the house. He fired his gun, causing the couple to call the authorities. When the deputies searched the vehicle, they found a handgun in the suspect's hand, and a New Mexico driver's license with Giles' name and photo on it.

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"Based upon the known circumstances and investigative findings, your affiant is led to believe that evidence related to the planned burglary and homicides of Megan Turney and Gavin Free will be found", a detective wrote in the affidavit.

"I want Gavin Free to die alone, with no children", said one note. They also said nothing had been stolen from the property.

Armed with the warrant, police searched Giles' house on January 29 and seized two cellphones, a laptop, two tablets and an Xbox gaming system, Albuquerque court documents show.

The victims are stars on social media who have amassed millions of followers on both YouTube and Instagram through a series of slow-motion videos.

"Hey everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for all the support and concern regarding the recent incident, ' he tweeted on Monday".

Meg also thanks the Austin Police "for their quick response" and "ongoing support during this hard time".

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