Russia 'Successfully Penetrated' US Voter Systems in 2016

Russia 'Successfully Penetrated' US Voter Systems in 2016

Russia 'Successfully Penetrated' US Voter Systems in 2016

A "exceptionally small number of them", she added, "were actually successfully penetrated".

In an interview with NBC News, the head of cybersecurity at the Department for Homeland Security said that Russian hackers successfully penetrated the voter registration rolls of several USA states prior to the 2016 presidential election.

The opening paragraph of the story read: "Nearly half of the states in the USA have recently had their voter registration systems targeted by foreign hackers, and four of those systems have successfully been breached, sources tell ABC News".

She declined to go into further detail about the classified information but said there was "no doubt" the Russian government was behind the attacks.

Following the 2016 presidential election, USA intelligence officials noted Russia's deliberate attempts to undermine American democracy by influencing voters across social media platforms.

Johnson, who was DHS secretary during the Russian hacking, says he's concerned that the 21 states that were targeted aren't doing enough "to actually harden their cybersecurity" for the next elections.

The fact that Russian hackers had penetrated four states was first reported back in September 2016, as seen below in a story from ABC News.

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The Washington Post previously reported that computer systems in IL and Arizona were both successfully penetrated.

"We see no evidence that hacking by any actor altered the ballot count for any cyber actions that deprived people of voting", Johnson said when asked if Russian hacking affected the election's outcome.

Tillerson also said he believed Russian Federation was already attempting to tamper in the 2018 midterm elections.

In late January, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said he has "every expectation" that Russian Federation will try to target the midterms.

News said Wednesday that it had contacted the 21 states that were targeted.

This story is developing.

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