America First doesn't mean America alone, we're open for trade

America First doesn't mean America alone, we're open for trade

America First doesn't mean America alone, we're open for trade

British Prime Minister Theresa May and Trump concluded a meeting at the World Economic Forum by asking officials to finalize details of the US president's visit in 2018. "We have the same ideas, the same ideals, and there's nothing that would happen to you that we won't be there to fight for you".

President Trump is set to deliver a speech at the World Economic Forum on Friday, bringing his "America first" message to a gathering of the world's political and business elites that pushes for global integration.

"The Prime Minister and myself have a really great relationship". "I have great respect for everything you're doing", Trump told her.

But some leaders refuse to let an insult from a previous news cycle, where Trump said that he did not want immigrants from "s-thole" countries in Africa, slide.

May responded by saying "we continue to have that really special relationship" and insisted that both nations were working towards "a good trading relationship in the future".

She added: "We stand shoulder to shoulder because we face the same challenges around the world".

Khan, a Muslim, called Britain First, the far-right party that Trump retweeted, "a vile, extremist group that exists exclusively to sow division and hatred in our country".

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The president had been billed to open the new U.S. embassy in London in February but cancelled the trip citing his displeasure at its "off location" in south London.

Shaking hands with the US President after their bilateral meeting, Mrs May said they had enjoyed a "great discussion" about the prospects for improved trade relations.

Theresa May had invited Trump for a state visit when she became the first world leader to visit the president in the White House a year ago.

Trump told his audience of politicians and leaders of industry, technology and finance that the United States was more attractive than ever to foreign investment under his year-old presidency.

Relations with the United Kingdom, one of America's oldest and closest allies, have been tested over the past year with arguments over anti-terror measures, intelligence leaks and Trump's social media clashes with the mayor of London.

Trump recently cancelled an expected February trip to the open the new U.S. Embassy building.

However, Trump warned that the world "cannot have free and open trade if some countries exploit the system".

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