Senate approves funding measure to end government shutdown

Senate approves funding measure to end government shutdown

Senate approves funding measure to end government shutdown

The Senate still must vote on final passage to send the bill to the House.

The Senate vote was 81-18 - well above the 60 votes needed.

The shutdown began Saturday after Democrats derailed a Republican measure that would have kept government open until February 16. The Obama-era program protects thousands of young immigrants from deportation.

McConnell says Democrats caved because they realized holding out for a DACA deal tied to the funding deal was not wise politically.

Schumer, however, argued that blame for the weekend-long stalemate lay at the president's feet.

Immigration activists and other groups harshly criticized the deal reached by the Democratic leadership.

"I do not see how a vague promise from the Senate Majority Leader about a vague policy to be voted on in the future helps the Dreamers or maximizes leverage the Democrats and American people have over the Republicans right now", Gutierrez said.

But more remarkable about the shutdown was the lack of involvement and clear direction from the White House. "He's been an outlier for years", said White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley.

Democrats had been reluctant to sign onto a budget agreement that did not include DACA, questioning whether the GOP-controlled House would take up the issue independent of the spending measure. "Each would have avoided this shutdown".

"I am pleased Democrats in Congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first responders and insurance for vulnerable children". "As I've always said, once the government is funded, my administration will work towards solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration". In a statement, Trump said he's open to immigration deal only if it is "good for our country".

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Still, there were fresh signs of a willingness to keep hunting for a solution, with a flurry of meetings on Capitol Hill and an assessment from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that "I don't think they're that far apart". They can't reasonably be held responsible for breaking immigration laws, and many haven't known another country. McConnell's promise is just that - a promise. "When we tried it, it didn't work well for us", GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Dick Durbin, D-Ill., presented him a deal they brokered, but he rejected it.

Democrats were trying to frame the deal as a temporary victory, though.

The successful vote came after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged that it was Republicans' "intention to take up legislation here in the Senate that would address DACA, border security and related issues, as well as disaster relief".

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., who faces a potentially competitive re-election this fall, sounded optimistic about the agreement. The Democrats seemed sensitive to being seen by voters as willing to tie up government operations to protect immigrants in the USA illegally.

President Trump tweeted that argument himself.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

Trump has generally kept a low profile during the shutdown. "What the president did clearly worked", Sanders countered.

Representatives from those talks briefed leaders Sunday afternoon, but the suspense dragged out for almost six hours before McConnell made his announcement.

"If you had a tattoo for every group that's forming, you'd have an arm full of them", said Sen. "The Dems have just learned that a Shutdown is not the answer!" "Resolution gets more hard the longer we wait". Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Cory Booker, D-N.J., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. Eighteen senators, including members of both parties, were opposed.

On the House side, the Republican Study Committee, a group of more than 150 lawmakers, announced its support for a bill written by Reps. "We have agreed that we would accept that in the House".

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