Google buys a firm that turns screens into speakers

Google buys a firm that turns screens into speakers

Google buys a firm that turns screens into speakers

The UK Based startup called Redux is involved in developing technology that would integrate the speakers directly into the phone.

A United Kingdom regulatory filing from December 2017 showed that Google subsidiary Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited Company, bought all the shares of NVF Tech, the parent company of Redux Laboratories. As expected the Redux website is now down and Google is expected to officially announce the acquisition. Being able to do away with, or at least shrink, that physical component could be another significant advantage to smartphones with Redux technology onboard.

When Apple Inc. (AAPL) ditched the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone, and it said the reason was "courage"? that wasn't the reason, the actual reason was simple: in the ongoing fight to make thinner smartphones that pack in more and more tech, space is at a premium.

So far, Redux has only been able to use its technologies inside PCs and some vehicle infotainment systems - but that could be about to change.

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Redux was founded in 2013 and is focused on turning mobile screens into speakers using vibration. The Pixel 2 in particular had very thick bezels that's very much the same size as its predecessor.

Hopefully, it won't be too long until Google integrates this technology into their system, because we'll be able to have even thinner devices with bigger batteries. It could also improve waterproofing for future phones since it eliminates the need for speaker holes. Its main Google division started selling its own smartphones in 2016, so new engineering talent from Redux may help the company develop handsets with better sound.

Redux developed a number of technologies involving sound and touch in mobile devices, but never placed them in any major consumer products.

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