Tom Brady's agent after ESPN story: 'Don't believe everything you read'

Tom Brady's agent after ESPN story: 'Don't believe everything you read'

Tom Brady's agent after ESPN story: 'Don't believe everything you read'

Guerrero and Brady's work together has reportedly produced confusion on the team as players don't know whether to work with Brady and Guerrero or the team's medical staff.

The story, published Friday morning, suggests that this could be the final year of the Kraft-Brady-Belichick partnership.

This week, ESPN released a report about the state of the New England Patriots after what has been a usual, but strange regular season for the franchise, especially after some of the moves and trades which they made. In the view of many Patriots, it was an example of Guerrero trying to split the organization by turning players against Belichick.

"I have a lot of conversations with him".

The surprising trade that took place just ahead of the National Football League trade deadline came out of nowhere. Among the frustrations was Brady's apparent reluctance to help Garoppolo develop.

While Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo were friendly and share the same agent, Brady didn't see it as his role to advise Garoppolo. According to Wickersham, the end result was Belichick "demoralized" that Kraft made the demand to trade the 26-year-old quarterback in favor of the 40-year-old quarterback who has found the fountain of youth. But after Garoppolo was knocked out of his second start because of a shoulder injury, he set up a visit at TB12. When he arrived, the door was locked and they also wouldn't answer his calls. "He couldn't believe it, Garoppolo told the staffers, and that night ended up visiting team trainers instead".

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The Garoppolo deal was just one of the issues the report touched on. Belichick knows Brady won't be playing forever, so having the next man in line ready to go makes flawless sense. Meanwhile, Belichick, who'd groomed Garapollo and thought highly enough of him to have (potentially) soon installed him as the team starter, is more isolated and frustrated than ever.

All of this leads into the postseason.

Despite the purported off the field issues, the Patriots have thrived on it.

ESPN speculates that could be enough to convince Belichick to seek greener pastures elsewhere, especially as the Patriots' offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator will likely leave the team during the offseason this year and become head coaches for other teams.

Winning is the ultimate cure for any situation, and the Patriots have a chance to shove all the nonsense aside and let the off-field drama play out after another Super Bowl parade.

However, Schefter said the article sent a signal that the Patriots' dynasty is about to come to an end.

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