Paul Manafort sues special counsel Robert Mueller, DOJ

Paul Manafort sues special counsel Robert Mueller, DOJ

Paul Manafort sues special counsel Robert Mueller, DOJ

"I can assure you that the special counsel is conducting himself consistently with our understanding of the scope of the investigation", said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who Manafort accused of granting Mueller too much leeway with the Russian Federation probe.

Manafort is now one of four people facing charges stemming from the Mueller probe. Both Manafort and Gates have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to appear again before the judge in the criminal case on January 16. His complaint names the Justice Department, Mueller and Rosenstein, and he is suing under the Administrative Procedure Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act.

In response, a Justice Department spokesperson called the lawsuit "frivolous" but apparently didn't offer much detail as to how the department would proceed.

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort filed a lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Washington against the Justice Department, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller alleging that the three entities have exceeded their authority.

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The focus is on a part of the Rosenstein order that says that Mueller may investigate "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation". But Manafort, according to CNN, accused Rosenstein of exceeding his authority when he appointed the special counsel, and in the authority he granted Mueller.

Manafort claims the alleged crimes have nothing to do with the 2016 campaign, but rather relate to lucrative lobbying work Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates did for a former Russia-friendly government in Ukraine.

Manafort's lawsuit will likely find support among Trump allies in Congress, the media and elsewhere who have in recent weeks attacked the Russian Federation probe, the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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