SpaceX launches and lands its first reused rocket for NASA

SpaceX launches and lands its first reused rocket for NASA

SpaceX launches and lands its first reused rocket for NASA

After the launch, the California-based company headed by Internet tycoon Elon Musk landed its rocket booster upright on solid ground at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Three minutes after launch the booster and second stage of the rocket separated.

SpaceX's live video webcast showed the two components arcing away from each other in the sky.

Falcon took off from the US Air Force's Cape Canaveral station in Florida at 10:36 local time, according to live footage from NASA's television.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts off from SLC-40 to deliver cargo to the ISS on December 15, 2017.

The arrival comes as a 3-man space crew featuring American and Japanese rookie astronauts as well as an experienced Russian cosmonaut blasted off from Kazakhstan on Sunday for a 6-month mission at the International Space Station.

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The US company SpaceX on Friday launched its unmanned Dragon capsule aboard its Falcon9 rocket to the International Space Station for a thirteenth Orbital Outpost supply mission under a contract with NASA.

"This is the beginning of rapid and reliable reusability", said SpaceX Dragon mission manager Jessica Jensen, at a press briefing Monday.

It was the 14th recovery of a booster for SpaceX this year.

"It's a great day to see Dragon back at ISS again", said another NASA commentator.

"The net result is about equivalent risk", he told reporters Monday. It had more than 4,800 pounds of research equipment, cargo and supplies that will support more than 250 investigations aboard the space station. It is the 13th of up to 20 missions to the space station that SpaceX will fly for the US space agency NASA under a multi-year commercial resupply services contract.

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