Xbox One Version Of PUBG Is Now Available To Buy And Play

Xbox One Version Of PUBG Is Now Available To Buy And Play

Xbox One Version Of PUBG Is Now Available To Buy And Play

And then there are the controls, they are clunky. Halo, and GoldenEye before it, offered a generous amount of auto aim, and the Call of Duty series (which still, for better or for worse, provides the definitive template for the modern shooter) worked out how to hide its own generous auto-aim behind a snappy ironsights system.

The official PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds release date for the Xbox One is on December 12, but Microsoft has released the specific date and time for when players can expect the game to go online. Nearly every button on the controller has to handle a couple of different actions as a result.

To reload your weapon, you have to long-press X, this should be a tap. The popular first-person perspective mode will be added at a later date that has yet to be announced.

To anticipate the deluge of "PUBG" fans, server launch will be staggered by region across the world to gradually accommodate all players by Tuesday.

The layout also changes for a variety of modes.

Even the menu button has a dual role to access both your inventory and the main game menu.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is 5.24 GB on Xbox One.

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Without the ability to snap your view around quickly using the mouse, you're much less aware of what was going on around you.

In another news, we think you'll be interested to know that its version 1.0 for PC will debut very soon.

Now that you saw the video, tell us what do you think of the performance of PUBG on consoles?

The process of adapting the controls has been called a "challenge", although Microsoft us confident it's found the best balance.

It's just plain hard to hit your target using a controller, and the game can feel a little slushy as a result.

Not when you consider the lacklustre menus, mind, which is why I was surprised to see some basic features unaccounted for.

"PlayerUnknown's Battleground", or "PUBG" for short, has been the surprise hit this 2017 as it launched for the PC back in March. The game contains graphical enhancements for the new Xbox One X and has the unusual distinction of being one of the few major console releases to be labeled "Unfinished" and "a work in progress".

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