Maine GOP senator says Roy Moore was never fit for US Senate

Maine GOP senator says Roy Moore was never fit for US Senate

Maine GOP senator says Roy Moore was never fit for US Senate

Rallying supporters at a venue just 20 minutes away from the Alabama border, President Trump sought to discredit one of the women accusing Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct in calling on Alabama voters to vote for the Moore in the upcoming special election.

In Alabama, a southern state where Trump won 62% of the vote, voting for a Democrat is unthinkable for many Republicans, even if they believe the allegations against Moore, which he has rejected as "fake news" orchestrated by his enemies.

The President has cast Democratic candidate Doug Jones as too liberal for Alabama, and warned that Republicans can't afford to lose a vote in the Senate, where they hold a 52-48 majority.

Trump went on to say that Republicans can't "afford" to have a Democrat win the election in Alabama, and that Jones is a "puppet" of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Last week we learned he started dating his wife, Kayla, before she was done divorcing her first husband.

But the state's senior US senator didn't vote for Moore. Sen. "VOTE ROY MOORE!" Trump tweeted Friday. Do you know the yearbook? "There was a little mistake made", Trump said, shifting to singsong.

"This guy is screaming, 'We want Roy Moore!' He's right", Mr. Trump said, as he made the case for Moore in a next-door state.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore denied that he has ever molested anyone and repeated that he has never met the women who have accused of him sexual assault in an interview with "The Voice of Alabama Politics" on Sunday.

Trump also told the crowd: "We can not afford - this country, the future of this country - can not afford to lose a seat in the very, very close United States Senate".

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"Did you see that?" he asked. "Gloria Allred, any time you see her you know something's going wrong", the president said, referring to the lawyer for Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson.

The White House said the rally was a campaign event for Mr Trump.

"I think it's going to be very hard for somebody to beat us in a few years", Trump said, pointing to the impact on 401 (k) investments. "We can't", Trump said. This is a part of the state that voted overwhelmingly for the president in 2016.

Other Republicans have expressed similar sentiments, and while Moore plunged in the polls after the initial revelations, he has come back slightly ahead. "If there is [a Senate investigation], Judge Moore is going to be found telling the truth, just like he always has, and he will win".

Ivey's predecessor, Robert Bentley, appointed then-Attorney General Luther Strange to the seat and said the election would coincide with the 2018 scheduled elections. Maddalena and his wife, Alisha, rode to the Trump rally from their home near Montgomery, Alabama. But if occupying the low ground continues to work for Trump and his allies, will it matter?

USA president Donald Trump has touted his efforts to secure the homeland, saying his administration is "taking care of our citizens at home" by defeating the Islamic State overseas.

"They're resisting the will of the American people", he said.

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