UC Davis Grad Students Protest House Tax Reform Bill

UC Davis Grad Students Protest House Tax Reform Bill

UC Davis Grad Students Protest House Tax Reform Bill

A provision in the House version of the federal tax bill would treat the tuition waivers graduate students receive for teaching classes or doing research as taxable income.

Graduate students from across New York City gathered in protest of the Republican tax reform proposal in Union Square Wednesday. One provision under consideration would tax graduate student stipends, and if passed, that will lay a crushing tax bill on him.

We are pleased that the Senate's tax reform proposal leaves intact numerous education tax credits and tax exemptions that help offset the cost of college for students, families, and employers.

The graduate student walk-out fits into a larger, nationwide walk-out coordinated by the American Association of University Professors in opposition to the proposed GOP tax plan and the changes it would make to graduate students' tax receipts.

"There's a misconception that grad school and academia in general is this sort of lofty enterprise", Baldino said.

Wagh said the additional taxes might mean putting off his marriage and staying in graduate school for longer, so he can support himself while he looks for a job.

The tax reform bill is now headed to the Senate floor and could see a vote as early as tomorrow. But in the meantime, if Congress really wants to strengthen our economy and advance our quality of life, it should strip this and other research-killing provisions from its tax proposals and look for ways to invest more in the graduate students whose research does so much to improve our world.

"Quite simply, it would immensely increase my taxes", said Barclay, an immunology graduate student who serves as director of advocacy for the Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC).

"As we move forward, I believe there is a path that lets graduate students work toward their goals without being taxed".

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"If the bill goes through, the money we never see, that's kind of this technicality of the University, would then be taxable income", she said.

He was disappointed with the University's response to the graduate students' concerns. "We call on Paxson today to speak out more about this bill and to stand up for grad students as well as others who will be affected by this bill", she added.

"I'm sitting on a mortgage with no house to show for it", Wallace said.

University of Oregon (UO) graduate students will join thousands of other students in the National Walkout and Rallies Against Trump-GOP at Erb Memorial Union (EMU) Free Speech Plaza Tuesday.

The tuition waiver tax would be especially hard for students from other states or other countries, whose waivers carry much higher value given their out-of-state tuition rates, Chodzko-Zajko said.

For example, the Medical Center Graduate Student Organization has a volunteer program that allows us to teach science to young students in D.C. public schools. The tax bill also lowers tax rates, she said. A major research university may invest $400,000 or more for each graduate student, through financial support including tuition scholarships and stipends. Despite their verbal support and advising students to contact their elected officials, students asked that fees not fall on graduate students by lowering degrees and ultimately eliminating tuition for graduate education. "And this could be graduate students working in the medical field, technology, research, and biology". "We sent out an email yesterday with the list of Senators, their office phone numbers as well as Twitter aliases to the graduate student list-serv in the effort to mobilize them against this issue", GRO wrote.

Daniels, who is a Syracuse Graduate Employees United organizer, demanded the university offset lost income from the tax hike through stipend adjustments.

But some of the most important work has come from Duke students and staff themselves in reaching out to Congress, Simmons said.

Passed by the House of Representatives on November 16, the tax proposal is a $1.5 trillion plan that promises a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code.

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