College Football Playoff projections after Week 13 games

College Football Playoff projections after Week 13 games

College Football Playoff projections after Week 13 games

It's not impossible for No. 10 TCU to earn a bid to the 2017 College Football Playoffs, but the odds really don't look good.

If Alabama joins the SEC champion in the playoff, it would mark the first time one conference puts two teams in the field. The Crimson Tide is Ohio State's primary competition for a playoff spot if Ohio State wins. Alabama can make the claim it's the best 1-loss team in the country, but there won't be a conference championship.

Playoff implications abound during this conference championship weekend.

Tuesday night's rankings will go a long way toward determining what teams will make the final four, but every team on this list but Alabama is playing this weekend. Will a two loss Auburn team jump unbeaten and one loss teams by virtue of beating Georgia and Bama when they were on top?

According to the most recent prediction model, of the 10 teams that still have a chance of making the final four, TCU now has the ninth best chance at 6 percent.

The Tigers enter the SEC Championship on a five-game winning streak that includes scalps of two previously-ranked No. 1 teams in the nation.

Don't let the coaching carousel distract you from an awesome weekend of college football this week

Playoff berths appear squarely at stake in the Auburn-Georgia SEC Championship game and the Clemson-Miami ACC Championship game.

Now that's a Nick Saban press conference we'd like to see. Its detractors would use its two losses against it and throw Alabama into the mix as a more deserving team.

These rankings will provide some idea about how the committee views Alabama in comparison to Ohio State, though the Buckeyes can change who they are. And Miami, which ascended to No. 2 in the committee's rankings last week, will fall after losing at Pittsburgh.

Both Clemson and Oklahoma are 11-1 with resume-building non-conference wins over division champs - Clemson's over SEC West victor Auburn and Oklahoma's over Big Ten East victor Ohio State.

Oklahoma (11-1) - A better overall resume when it comes to beating higher ranked teams.

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