Pixel phones ready to receive Smart Battery features

Pixel phones ready to receive Smart Battery features

Pixel phones ready to receive Smart Battery features

Not only can you see on a chart how your battery will be used through the day, but the battery settings menu will give you a much more accurate estimate on the amount of time you can use your phone until the battery runs out. Now, the phone will evaluate how battery usage occurs over time and will use these data points as a reference to predict your battery drain on similar days.

"To see these predictions for yourself, visit Settings on your phone".

Lastly, with these newly personalized estimations in place, Google says that it's "interested in exploring new ways of proactively helping you manage your battery to make it through the day".

Google uses some new machine learning in order to improve and predict the life of your battery on Google Pixel. This is really a nifty feature, which needs to be implemented to all brands of phone, not just Android, but also Apple iPhones, as well.

Google explains how it makes personalized battery life predictions

In particular, Google has improved the battery level assumption by the smartphone.

Google has included a new battery highlight for Pixel a consumer, that is argued to craft precise battery time prophecies.

Last month Google pushed out Android 8.1 developer preview to the original Pixels but they were still missing the some of the new features brought in by the second generation. Michelle inserts that it informs you both, the percent of battery present and how many hours the mobile phone will provide you service.

Until now smartphone battery estimators presumed that a certain set of usage trend will continue throughout the day. The personalised estimate is usually found under the "Battery" section. You can also click on the big battery icon to see graphic representations of these forecasts, which will do a great job of indicating periods of high and low usage that should correspond to your typical behavior.

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