What's next after implosion of Georgia Dome?

What's next after implosion of Georgia Dome?

What's next after implosion of Georgia Dome?

After Mercedes-Benz Stadium was built next to the Georgia Dome to serve as its replacement in downtown Atlanta, the famous domed stadium became redundant. Flattening it took all of 15 seconds.

The Georgia Dome was imploded Monday morning in Atlanta.

The site will be turned into a hotel and parking accommodations.

A 5-story tall industrial strength curtain between the two stadiums had been erected to protect the new venue from damage, officials said. The demolition took 4,800lbs of explosives, including about 4,500lbs of dynamite, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The former home turf of the Atlanta Falcons was the largest domed stadium in the USA and had been in use for 25 years before its historic demolition.

By the time it moves, the Georgia Dome is gone.

TV crew was set to record Georgia Dome implosion, then the bus ...

It is home to the NFL's Atlanta Falcons.

If one college team is disappointed to see the Dome go, it has to be Alabama. They are already 1-0 in Mercedes-Benz Stadium after beating Florida State there in the season opener this season.

Several streets and parts of Atlantas transit system were closed, police said, to accommodate the blast and spectators.

In addition to hosting the Falcons, the Peach Bowl, and the SEC Championship, the Georgia Dome has also hosted two Super Bowls, the 1996 Olympics, three NCAA men's Final Fours and a women's Final Four.

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