Zoella Gets Online Assault For Archival Offensive Tweets

Zoella Gets Online Assault For Archival Offensive Tweets

Zoella Gets Online Assault For Archival Offensive Tweets

But the Zoella 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar has caused a storm on social media and been branded "not worth it" and "tat" by reviewers.

"Again I know she might not set the prices, but her target audience who would buy these don't have £50 to spend on an advent calendar!". "I mean I know there's pressure for you to but anyone who has followed you for even five seconds knows you've got a heart of gold".

Zoella has taken to Twitter to apologise to fans after a stream of problematic tweets resurfaced online.

The 27-year-old has become an internet sensation since posting her first video on YouTube in 2009, and now has over 12 million subscribers who watch her posts, as well as almost 12 million followers on Twitter.

The calendar costs £50 and contains: two cookie cutters, a bag of glitter, a tree ornament, two candles, a notebook, a pen, a pom-pom key ring, stickers and room spray.

The beauty vlogger's advent calendar has caused uproar this week.

In a statement posted on Twitter she said: "Obviously that is not who I am today and I'd like to think I'm a little older and wiser!"

Zoella advent calendar
Beauty blogger Zoella has been slammed for releasing a $87 advent calendar

"Zoella is a flawless example of people deliberately using their platforms for nothing other than to give themselves a bigger pay cheque every month".

Many of his followers agreed with his review, saying that you could buy all the products inside the calendar for a lot less money.

In case you missed it, beauty YouTuber Zoella - full name Zoe Sugg - has caused anger amongst her young fans and their parents this week after her Christmas advent calendar with only twelve days retailed at £50.00.

"Zoe is incredibly proud of the Christmas collection and excited to see it in store", the spokesperson said.

This video added fuel to the raging fire, with many suggesting that Zoella shifted the blame off herself and onto "the retailer" a.k.a. Boots. "We will be offering the product at half price during our Christmas promotion, where the calendar will be on sale for £25 from Thursday November 16".

'The Zoella lifestyle advent calendar is full of 12 exclusive treats which are all clearly listed on boots.com and can not be purchased separately'. The pair, who share the moniker of "Zalfie", are among the most influential YouTubers and have forged a multi-million pound YouTube empire together.

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