Sheep recognize faces of celebrities

Sheep recognize faces of celebrities

Sheep recognize faces of celebrities

"We've shown with our study that sheep have advanced face-recognition abilities, comparable with those of humans and monkeys", she noted in a university news release.

The sheep in the experiment have to decide which face is going to reward it with food.

Sheep have been trained to recognize the faces of celebrities, including former U.S. President Barack Obama, by University of Cambridge scientists who hope it may help with understanding neurodegenerative diseases. They were able to identify the faces of celebrities at different angles (although there was a decrease in performance of about 15%), demonstrating that they are not stupid. That's what scientists discovered through testing sheep by showing them celebrity portraits.

Even when a celeb's face was slightly tilted rather than face-on, the sheep still picked the image more often than not. "Sheep successfully recognized the four celebrity faces from tilted images".

In a final test, the sheep had to choose between a picture of one of their handlers' faces and an unfamiliar face.

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Next, the sheep were taken into the barn and shown two photos. My 2001 paper looked very carefully at this with a wider range of stimuli, more sheep and more conditions. Recognizing a person that is familiar from 3-D life requires "complex image processing", the authors say, because the sheep must translate their memory of the person to a 2-D picture.

The sheep eventually managed to identify the familiar face eight times out of every 10. Scientists now found that that ability can be applied to photos of famous faces, too, Sky News reported.

Humans and monkeys can now extend a warm welcome to sheep for joining us in being able to recognize human faces from photographs.

Recognizing human faces is a skill you may take for granted-but you're also a human.

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