Retired navy officer charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie

Retired navy officer charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie

Retired navy officer charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie

Billie's cellphone was found in a dumpster hours after she disappeared and her vehicle was found in a nearby street five days later. He visited the fast-food establishment where Billie worked nearly every day and attempted to flirt with her, according to witnesses.

Days later, police found her 2014 white Mini Cooper vehicle in Norfolk, Virginia. This is about 300 yards from where Billie's body was found. Investigators say they believe he was homeless and lived on and off naval bases, but frequently visited the restaurant and nearby businesses.

An arrest has been made in the death of a 19-year-old Prince George's County woman who was found dead in North Carolina. The vehicle could later be seen leaving the facility, though it was unclear who was behind the wheel. Inside, agents found Billie's trousers covered in dirt and debris.

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Billie was abducted from a military base in Norfolk. About 10 minutes after that, residential surveillance caught possibly the same person driving the same auto stop at a construction dumpster in Norfolk. The auto, too, was covered in dirt and vegetative debris reflective of being driven off-road. Ashanti Billie, a student at the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, was reported missing in September after arriving to work on the base. When discussing the abduction and murder of Billie, Brown said he could not remember if he did anything to Billie, prosecutors said.

Eric Brian Brown, a retired Navy veteran, faces kidnapping charges in connection with Ashanti Billie's death.

A copy of this press release is located on the website of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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