Flight diverted after woman discovers husband's affair

Flight diverted after woman discovers husband's affair

Flight diverted after woman discovers husband's affair

The commotion on the Bali to Doha flight started after she found incriminating information on his phone while he slept.

The woman was apparently able to open her snoozing husband's phone via a touch passcode, by holding his finger on the device's security finger-scanning sensor.

She caused such a commotion that the flight crew were unable to calm her down, and when the situation got "out of hand" the pilot made an emergency decision to divert and land in Chennai. "The plane went ahead to Bali leaving them in India", an official said. Interestingly, the Doha to Bali Qatar Airways flight had no stopover in India.

According to reports, the woman had already been drinking before she boarded the flight from Iran to Bali on Sunday Nov. 5. "They were offloaded, which had no stopover as the woman created a ruckus and misbehaved with crew members inflight", said a security officer in Chennai.

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Chennai: A spat between an Iranian couple mid-air forced a Bali-bound global flight to make an unscheduled landing here recently, airport officials said.

Eventually the pilot had to divert the flight to Chennai citing an unruly passenger on board for the diversion. Sources said that since they did not have Indian visas, they were kept at a detention centre. No police action was taken, Hindustan Times reported.

The family stayed in the Chennai airport for the rest of the day, according to Fox News. "They stayed in Chennai for a while and later the family was sent to Kuala Lumpur by Batik Air flight 6019 for further travel to Doha", said a Chennai airport official.

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